Always Allow Things to Unfold Naturally, Rather Than Speed Them Up

allow things to unfold

In our modern world, most of us are often driven by a sense of urgency and a rush to get things done as fast as possible, so we can have things, and experience certain events sooner.  Information and communication flows so fast, we tend to forget that many things in life have a very different timeline. Thus, we forget to allow things to unfold naturally. 

It took me numerous bouts of frustration to realise that for some things – some truly important things – you just need to be patient.  The challenge is to allow things to unfold naturally, without haste or pressure or urgency, simply because they take time.

When you look at nature, you see it has its own rhythms. 

Having a child takes nine months of wait time – you can’t have nine women “do the work” so your child is born in one month. Similarly, there are other experiences, events and goals you just cannot speed up (or at least shouldn’t speed up).

Improving your skills and abilities takes time.

Building a thriving business takes time.

Pumping up the flow of your prosperity takes time.

Working through personal issues properly takes time.

Sculpting your physique takes time.

Developing a deep and nurturing relationship with your partner takes time. 

What can we do – to let these important aspects of our life take the time they require – and allow things to unfold?

To find an answer, I devoured heaps of self-help material, digested it and designed a simple, yet effective, three step formula I use daily:

Stay focused. 

Keep taking consistent action. 

Be patient.

As a recovered over-achiever, my consistent challenge was to learn to be patient.

Maybe, just like me, you find being patient a bit of a challenge, as you accelerate towards a particular goal and seek a specific outcome.

The Cambridge dictionary defines patience as: the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed

Hmmh, I don’t know about you, but a definition that contains four negatives is not exactly going to help you become more patient, is it?

Let me offer you an alternative. One I came across, whilst sitting in a spiritual lecture some years ago. It’s positive, practical, and easy to practice.  Best of all, use it as a daily mantra, and you’ll become more patient.

Patience is the calm acceptance of divine timing.

Much better, isn’t it?

Here’s how I’ve applied it, and maybe this will work for you too.

Calm = A state of ease, stillness and serenity. How do you attain that with regard to what you want to have and achieve in your life? Have clarity. Once know what you want, move in the direction that feels good to you, that way you’ll continue to feel calm.   

How do you know if the direction you’re going in, is good for you? 

It’s so simple that often people don’t believe me, when I tell them, but try anyhow. 

Your emotions will always indicate to you whether you’re on the right path or not.  They are your compass through life. 

How you feel will indicate to you whether you’re moving closer or further away from what you want. 

It’s easy to know.

If something does not feel good, and you have a negative and ‘heavy’ feeling about it, you’re off your path. 

If it feels good, it’s an indication you’re on the path you’re meant to be on. Stay on that path.

Easy enough, isn’t it? 

Now for the second half.

Acceptance of divine timing = Do your best. Then relax. Allow for things to unfold and come to you in a natural way, rather than force them. 

For most of us, ‘allowing’ is not exactly an easy thing to do.

You might ask, “How do I even know that I’m in a state of allowing?”

Once again, your emotions will indicate to you whether you are allowing, or whether you are resisting.

You see, negative emotions reveal a state of resistance. When you resist, it’s like you’re trapped in a stagnant, muddy energy. You’re pushing against what is and stay stuck.

However, when a positive emotion pulsates through you, you’re in a state of flow. You feel lighter, more expanded and allowing. Like a river curving down the mountain side, it’s a fluid, forward moving energy. You allow things to unfold and flow – naturally, easily and smoothly.

Now, let’s pump some life into this, so you can see and feel how patience is the calm acceptance of divine timing.

When you plant a seed in the earth, you water it and let it grow at a natural pace.  That’s allowing.

You don’t unearth it every day to check by how much has it grown, do you?  No, of course not.

You nourish the seedling with water. It gently germinates and pushes its way up.  Reaching the soil’s surface, it eagerly soaks up the sun’s light.

With divine timing, as you allow things to unfold, and let things go on in a natural way, you see the seedling become a marvellous little tree.

As it continues to become all it can be, it now gently reminds you, to remember, everything worthwhile takes time.


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