Clear away restrictive beliefs, unwanted feelings and limiting behaviours – for good – with Dr. Sonja Jahn’s self-developed and proven system

You know exactly what you want in life.

Who you want to become.

What more you want to achieve.

Yet, you can’t quite get there, which is frustrating because as a purpose-driven entrepreneur, leader and change maker, you’re used to making things happen. (I get it, I’ve been there myself.)

Right now, you might find yourself in a situation where you do not know what inner blocks limit you and how they get in your way.

To be fair, most of us have no idea which restrictive beliefs, limiting behaviour patterns or unresolved emotional issues hold us back and hinder us, because they reside in our subconscious.

Hidden from our view, here’s what these unconscious blocks do:

Impinge on what you want for yourself and your life, and inhibit you from attaining the success you want in your business, without you being aware of how that happens.

Reveal themselves in your romantic relationship and hinder you from having the happy, harmonious, and healthy relationship you long for.

Cause an inner uneaseand uncomfortable feelings that you don’t know how to deal with and are present no matter what you’re busy doing.

Slow down your productivity and momentum, and sneakily hold you back from attaining the level of success and prosperity you know you’re capable of.

Dampen how you want to feel about yourself. Affect how you want to connect and relate to others. Prevent you from being as calm, creative, successful, happy, abundant, and loved as you can be.

And if you’re someone who has worked on your inner block before and – it has resurfaced – it’s normal for you to be confused and wonder, ‘How is this possible?’

Well, let me reassure you… it’s not your fault.

Based on what I’ve seen with most clients I’ve worked with… too many coaches and therapists deal with deep-seated issues only at the conscious level but that’s not enough, because you get a limited result… or none at all.

Whilst others will help you engage with your inner challenge at a subconscious level and uncover a cause… this may not necessarily be the root cause of your inner challenge…which means it is only partially resolved and you will have to deal with it over and over.

You see, for you to get rid of your inner challenge completely – which means it no longer resurfaces – the root cause needs to be removed from your subconscious.

To achieve that, you’ve got to do something different. Especially if you want to…

Experience a profound
transformation that lasts

Because you’re very clear, limited results and slight improvements are not your thing.

You want a fundamental change.

You want to experience a tangible transformation.

You want to completely move past whatever is blocking you.

Because deep down inside, you know you can have the life you want and enjoy it.

Think about what limits you and holds you back.
Imagine what it will feel like when you no longer have that.

It’ll feel really good, won’t it?

So, put aside all the things you’ve tried before that haven’t worked.

Instead, consider something different. Something that can pinpoint the subconscious root cause of your inner challenge quickly and – remove it completely.

Isn’t that something worth exploring now?

I have improved self-confidence, respect myself more, become more assertive, am cured of social phobia, dealt with numerous childhood issues that were badly affecting my relationships and I also found my life purpose – all with the help of Dr. Sonja Jahn’s coaching.

Dr. Sonja has a fantastic approach and her thorough manner of working reassures you that your issues are being properly addressed and worked through.

She also works on a mental, emotional, as well as spiritual level which helps you all round and ensures your challenges are completely sorted out.

Her gentle, yet effective approach is by the far the best I’ve ever experienced.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Sonja and I highly recommend her!”

Business Owner and Founder of The Cake Boys

Pravesh Mithal

“Since concluding my sessions with Dr. Sonja Jahn 13 years ago, I’m happy to say the issues I went to see her about have been permanently resolved and feel foreign to me now.

Since then, my communication skills and relationships have improved tremendously both in the work place and personally, and my life is synchronized, harmonious and peaceful.

Dr. Sonja has the ability to help you transform so you become conscious of your thoughts and feelings – and experience behavioral changes which last, and are life changing.

A priceless gift!”

Energy Healer

Barbara Dowie
Zanele Zwane

I believe, I’ve become a better daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend and boss because of the coaching I’ve received from Dr. Sonja Jahn.

Besides being my spiritual, transformation and life coach, she is also a confidant that I respect and love.

When you sign up for personal development work with her, the results you achieve last. You will see and feel the difference and so will the people around you.”

Managing Director

Discover the #1 REASON you’re still
held back by an inner block, belief and behaviour.
And how you can be free of it – for good.

Discover the #1 REASON you’re still
held back by an inner block, belief and behaviour.
And how you can be free of it – for good.