Talks and workshops

I’m passionate about helping audiences globally begin their inner journey of transformation to bring about profound changes and improvements in every sphere of their lives. I’m honoured to be a sought-after expert in personal transformation and development, as well as spiritual advancement.

I can tailor my talks to engage with and appeal to various audiences.
I love inspiring others by making them laugh, sharing educational stories and giving solid practical tips that are helpful to my audience.

Keeping my audience glued

I never expected that the energy and enthusiasm I bring to my talks would be called ‘infectious’. Especially when my first teaching and speaking experience began at the tender age of 15 – and it was absolutely nerve-racking.

Since that fateful day, I’ve addressed audiences of all sizes, delivered dozens of university lectures over a period of seven years, and presented training seminars and my own transformational workshops to hundreds of participants over the last 24 years.

I enjoy using my knowledge, experience and passion to inspire others to better themselves by mastering their inner worlds, so they can live the life they envision for themselves.

I’m available for:


Podcast interviews


Virtual training for Masterminds and other high-level coaching groups


On location workshops and retreats

Some topics I speak on regularly are:

What Holds You Back, Holds Your Business Back. Remove the Root Cause of The Subconscious Blocks Getting in Your Way and See How Very Far You’ll Go


How to Create a Truly Successful Life – Because Having a Positive Attitude and Mindset Are Not Enough


The Two Biggest Boulders That Prevent Us from Having the Happy and Fulfilling Relationship We Seek – Until We Remove Them


Want to Become Truly Successful? Move Beyond Your Mental and Emotional Blocks and Watch What Happens


Become a Highly Conscious Entrepreneur – The Four Keys to Accelerate Your Personal Growth, Increase your Self-Awareness and Heighten Your Level of Consciousness to Be An Even Greater Force For Good


If You Don’t Feel Your Emotions – They Will Wreak Havoc in Every Aspect of Your Life – Guaranteed – And How You Can Prevent that From Happening to You


Discover The Biggest Lie the Personal Development Industry Sells You and the Two Secrets That Will Truly Accelerate Your Personal Growth and Completely Transform Your Life


How To Actually Let Go of The Past and Be Completely Free – Without Spending Years in Therapy

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