What I can tell you about the work I do is one thing.

What really matters though is what my clients have to say

Khanyi Khaemba

“My life has changed in so many wonderful ways”

“I felt like an emotional basket case with a side helping of neediness and sought Dr. Sonja’s counsel to learn how deal with my emotions that were causing me excruciating pain. I also wanted to better understand my spiritual lessons that I was challenged by.

By using the tools Dr. Sonja has taught me, I feel more confident and self-assured and I’ve taken my power back from those who used to manipulate me.

I’ve gained a much better understanding of my past, and myself. Her techniques have liberated me from my fears, life long conditioning, emotional pain, mental blocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about myself.

Dr. Sonja, thanks to you, I am happier, more assertive, able to deal with any emotion and I’ve come to know myself so much better. Thank you so much!!!”

Khanyi Khaemba
Project Manager


“Dr. Sonja’s transformational system is very effective.”

I battled with depression and related insomnia since my teens. Anti-depressants and cognitive-behavioral therapy helped me to deal with the challenges of daily life, but neither had resolved the root causes of my depression. In addition, the medication quickly started to show unwanted side effects, from vision impairment to emotional numbness, at which stage I realized it’s time to properly deal with the issues I have been running from.

During the time I worked with Dr. Sonja, I managed to overcome the depression and insomnia completely, and resolve many related issues, such as anxiety, repressed anger, fear, lack of meaning, insecurity, rejection, and lack of self-worth and assertiveness.

Throughout the process I have built closer relationship with my family, found my values and boundaries, created deeper friendships, and became excited about life again.

Since we wrapped up my coaching in 2012, I find my life very different from before. Of course, life still goes through ups and downs, but I never feel hopeless or unhealthy anymore.

I would recommend Dr. Sonja to everyone who is ready to change and willing to seriously commit to the process of inner work. It requires dedication, but it yields true lasting results.

Scientist and Consultant


“I couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively she had found the solution to the issue.”

I had been feeling ill for about two months. I had returned from an overseas holiday run down, demotivated and persistently tired. I had been to a doctor, he had run numerous tests, he’d given me medication and I had made no progress whatsoever.

I eventually thought the problem was psychological / spiritual and I came to believe that mainstream medicine was not going to help.

Within minutes, Dr. Sonja had identified the emotional cause of my stress, which was impacting my body and mind. She quickly suggested the solution and gave me techniques that can be used on an ongoing basis to avert this type of problem re-occurring.

I followed her advice and within days I was back to my old self.
I couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively she had found the solution to the issue.
I have been in various types of counselling and done numerous transformation workshops, but I had never experienced anything that worked as fast as Dr. Sonja did.

I recommend Dr. Sonja unreservedly. Her approach uses many modalities, and she chooses what would most likely be most effective for the client in the shortest time.

Try Dr. Sonja’s approach – I believe she can offer you the same quick solution if you are willing and ready to follow her suggestions and use her techniques.

Michelle B.
Director of a PR Consultancy


“I’ve really come to know myself, am in touch with myself and feel I’m expressing so much more of who I am.”

What makes me the happiest about having signed up for counselling and coaching with Dr. Sonja is having worked through and cleared emotional blocks that I had accumulated throughout my life and even previous lives. These used to trigger pain, unhappiness, anger and hurt and kept me tied to my past experiences.

With her guidance, expertise and transformational system, I broke out of the cycle of reacting based on my past hurts, and this freed me to direct my life in a way and I’m so much happier for it. “I’m more at peace, joyful and have a greater sense of purpose. I’ve really come to know myself, am in touch with myself and feel I’m expressing so much more of who I am.

If you are truly committed to free yourself at every level, catapult your personal growth, and if you are looking for real, practical ways to navigate life and improve your ability to positively respond to things that happen to you, Dr. Sonja’s system is an essential healing process.
The work done with Dr. Sonja gave me real, lasting changes and has transformed every aspect of my life.

Gale Crawford
IT Solution Architect


“Dr. Sonja’s perception of the place I was in when I arrived was always automatic.”

“Dr. Sonja has a remarkable ability to start each session with a smiling, relaxed, unhurried and warm manner.
She comes across as the consummate professional, and I always see her as someone with the uncanny ability to ‘listen’ and of course she has to, in addition, advise. This is a task few can master. Everyone is so different, so the advice must be tapered to the specific individual. I think Dr. Sonja does this through instinct and a lot of intuition. Her perception of the place I was in when I arrived was always automatic.

Her intellect is also very carefully integrated with her spirituality and this I see as her greatest asset. She comes across as very well read but has also contemplated many possible options that she has thought out for me, to make my journey easier.

Dr. Sonja comes across as a counsellor who needs no thanks and no big gifts or words, and I expect that apart from no need for idle flattery, she gets kudos enough from knowing she has helped. The contribution allows her to have the necessary satisfaction and keeps her at the coalface.

When life and the journey become clearer, especially the way to go about that path, that is meaningful and makes me very grateful.

I am simply able to say that I have been blessed to acquire the help from her that I have.”

Dr. Tom Ford
Plastic Surgeon

Casey Dare

“I now live a much freer and peaceful life.”

Sometimes people come into your life just at the right time – and that’s exactly what happened with Dr. Sonja. Having been recommended to go see her was a life changing experience.

It wasn’t all fun and laughs. At times there were many tears – tears of having to face my own demons and some hard truths about the person I had become. Nevertheless, I have since dealt with many of my childhood issues and instead of using them as excuses for bad behaviour I now live a much freer and peaceful life.

With Dr. Sonja’s guidance, my life has changed dramatically – after seeing her for only a month I had got rid of my anxiety that had kept me up for years and caused many sleepless nights. With her help I’ve become a much calmer, happier version of myself.

She’s also given me a new perspective on life by helping me eliminate judgement so I could become more accepting of myself and others. The sessions I’ve had with Dr. Sonja have been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to make positive and lasting changes to their life.

Casey Dare
Account Management Consultant


“I think Dr. Sonja’s approach and manner of working is extremely effective, getting to the root of and releasing issues very quickly.”

And her sense of humour is an added bonus – I cried through some but laughed throughout all of my sessions with Dr. Sonja.

I discovered that fear ruled my life and wanted to get rid of it – once and for all.

As a result of going through Dr. Sonja’s system, I am no longer fearful, and I am more content, happier and calmer than I have ever been.

My health has also improved dramatically. I used to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a weak immune system, but now I hardly ever get ill and haven’t had a relapse for years now.

I highly recommend Dr. Sonja and her ‘style’ of therapy – it’s very effective.

Image Consultant


“Having worked with Dr. Sonja completely changed the direction of my life.”

I was struggling to deal with anger issues. And how I benefitted from the work we did is much, much more than I anticipated or even thought I needed.

Aside from working through the anger issues completely, for the first time I came to love myself, accept myself and realise that I am worthy of being just me.

Dr. Sonja was excellent in her approach, which was subtle enough not to bring up my defences, so that I felt comfortable to start unloading. I also felt comfortable simply because she comes across as so down-to-earth and normal.

She has helped me so much and what I also really like about her is that I didn’t feel like I was being taken for a ride, sitting in therapy for years, moaning about my life with someone just listening and taking my money.

At last, I have been given life tools and shown that I am my power.

Massage therapist


“The reason I sought out Dr. Sonja was for sage advice.”

Life’s challenges, for which my schooling and conditioning had not prepared me, required and demanded I seek a person knowledgeable in philosophy, psychology, spirituality and the esoteric. My needs could only be addressed through experience and understanding.

As a result of our sessions, I became aware of the role that emotions, thoughts and words play in our lives and that nothing and no one can make me complete. What I am and who I am is easily addressed when realising and accepting the Divine Essence that permeates all.

To anyone wanting to work with Dr. Sonja, I would say that she is impartial, relaxed and non-confrontational in all interactions. She is able to cut through the clutter and has the unique ability to know how to get the client to work toward the cause of the problem in a subtle yet reassuring way.

Aside from also being gentle and kind, she possesses a knowledge that transcends the traditional approach to counselling and coaching.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain by working with her!

Jeffrey Tyler


“I always looked forward to the sessions knowing that I would go away feeling uplifted.”

I went to see Dr. Sonja because I felt I lacked direction, felt I was insignificant and had low self-esteem, self-worth and I was generally unhappy.

With each session I felt stronger. More able to cope with life’s challenges. I felt equipped to take on any confrontation.

With time, a sense of calmness and happiness overcame me, and I was not afraid to stand by my beliefs and assert myself, as a result of the tools she gave me. I always looked forward to the sessions knowing that I would go away feeling uplifted.

I now feel I am more aware of who I am, my self-esteem is strong and I’m happy within myself.

I highly recommend her.



“Her ‘alternative’ approach to therapy is refreshing.”

Somebody told me that there is no difference between being suicidal and asking the Universe to take you every day. That was my motivation for seeking therapy – I had ‘lost’ myself and my future. I also needed help after my son’s death and did not know how to help myself.

Dr. Sonja helped me understand the person I am and work through and correct the issues that I had carried with me since childhood. She also helped me deal with my son’s death.

Her ‘alternative’ approach to therapy was very refreshing. And because she is also very spiritual, I was able to connect with her very well on that level. I have a strong personality and her direct approach suited me very well. I found her to be extremely patient – even when I was in denial of a situation.

I highly recommend her.

Executive PA


“Dr. Sonja has changed my life for the better!”

After my cancer diagnosis, I wanted to get to the root cause of it, as well as address it holistically, instead of just physically.

Our consults:

• helped me understand the link between emotions and disease
• heightened my positive thinking
• gave me practical tools to de-stress
• helped me communicate more effectively
• taught me to respond and not to react and address negative emotions in a healthy way
• gave me the confidence, calm and peace in approaching stressful situations
• helped me resolve the emotional cause of my cancer

I found Dr. Sonja to be highly knowledgeable, professional, truly caring and concerned about a person’s well-being as a whole. She helps to empower the individual, so they can make mindful choices to help themselves – this is a rare quality in this day and age, which I very much admire and appreciate about her.

Dr. Sonja, thank you for being the best at what you do and, more importantly, helping others be their best!

Krithika Raman
Cancer Conqueror and Supporter of Climb4AChild


“I learnt to draw on my inner strength to get through any adversities that may come my way.”

I needed advice regarding my emotions and feelings relating to my personal relationship with my husband.

What I learnt working with Dr. Sonja, is how to read myself better – I became self-aware. I was able to make better decisions based on who I am and what was better for me.

I learnt to draw on my inner strength to get through any adversities that come my way.

It has been a worthwhile process working with Dr. Sonja and I highly recommend her.

Maria F
Chartered Accountant


“Having coaching with Dr. Sonja is truly life changing. It’s the best gift you can give yourself!”

Dr. Sonja has taken me from being completely confused about the direction of my life to a complete 360-degree turnaround. Now I am driven, focused, and clear on where my career is going and my life.

She helped me get rid of the limiting beliefs that held me back and kept me stuck in a rut.

She also taught me how we can change our behavior using the correct tools, so we can have a better life. These tools have been priceless.

Dr. Sonja, I actually do not know how to articulate how much you have helped me… It is incredible!!!”

Izolina De Vasconcelas
International Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Specialist

*While many individuals have experienced positive results from our coaching and counselling services, it’s important to note that these outcomes are not guaranteed. Your personal success may be influenced by factors such as your background, education, and the effort you put in. Everyone’s journey is unique, so results may vary.


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