Whether it’s for your professional or personal life, there’s an online program to help you with your particular challenge so you can experience a deep level of transformation – not a Band-Aid – but the most desirable result you really want.

Choose the right program for you:



Please note: If the challenging situation you’re facing isn’t listed below, or if you don’t know what’s hindering you, feel free to apply here. Tell me a bit about your situation, and I will let you know if I’m able to help you.

Whether it’s for your professional or personal life, there’s an online program to help you with your particular challenge so you can experience a deep level of transformation – not a Band-Aid – but the most desirable result you really want.

Choose the right program for you:



Please note: If the challenging situation you’re facing isn’t listed below, or if you don’t know what’s hindering you, feel free to apply here. Tell me a bit about your situation, and I will let you know if I’m able to help you.






Transform Your Professional Life

You want to step up in a bigger way, make a bigger difference in your life and the lives of others.

And, you already know what this requires of you.

It means you choose to work on yourself because success in your outer world, for the most part, is determined by how much you master your inner world.

To achieve what you set out to do, you need to develop and improve certain skills, as well as remove inner challenges that block you in some way.

The below professional programs were created to help you with your particular challenge.

So many of my past clients happily attest to the fact: You can completely remove your limiting beliefs – even if you’ve tried before and little changed because the ‘switch your negative belief to a positive belief’ methods you were given by other coaches proved ineffective and so did the quick fix (and quick to fizzle) techniques.

Right now, the situation you’re in could feel like you’re driving your car and it’s stuck in a lower gear. Try as you may the gear lever won’t budge. You can’t move forward at the speed you want to. Even though you’ve tried, nothing changes. So, you just keep chugging along, held back by something invisible to you, hoping you’ll eventually find a way to switch into a higher gear.

This program is your way.

You will be shown exactly how your mind works so you can understand how your beliefs are created, how they shape your perception of life and therefore your experience of life – to your benefit and detriment.

In addition, we will pinpoint the most restrictive and controlling beliefs that mess with your ‘feel-good’ and ‘success’ barometer.

Because feelings of inadequacy, of not being good enough or successful enough make you feel less capable than what you are and that’s frustrating. Never mind the anger you occasionally slip into because you keep falling short of your goals, and the success you know you can achieve.

You see detrimental beliefs don’t only affect how you feel about yourself, how you behave, and how successful you become, they influence every aspect of your life.

Unless we eliminate these beliefs, they will continue to create a tumble dryer of negative thoughts in your mind, prevent you from functioning at your optimum and cause you to (knowingly and unknowingly) behave in ways that can sabotage your efforts.

When that happens, your business deflects from its growth trajectory, the stairway to further success begins to crumble, and what you seek to attain remains out of your reach.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  When you are ready, we can find the beliefs that hold you back (even if you are not aware of them) and move them out of your way.

Actually, we’ll remove them completely.  That way they won’t bother you ever again.

Once that happens, you will tap into more of your capabilities and move into a higher gear  with ease.

With more vigour and focus, you’ll be able to consistently take action, accomplish more of what you set out to achieve, succeed at a higher level, maintain that and enjoy it.

Best of all, you are really being youmore joyfully, vibrantly, enthusiastically. It shows in your eyes, your smile, your words, and uplifts those that enter your orbit in more ways than you can imagine.

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Do you feel like you have a ‘block’ around creating and receiving more money? Like you could be making more money but somehow, it’s not really happening?

Or you’re good at making money but you can’t seem to hang on to it?

Find out what your blocks are about creating, having and receiving more money (often the reason isn’t what you think it is). And once the blocks are removed, find out how to allow more money to show up in your life.

Or perhaps you actually do have enough money but are plagued by thinking that it’s not enough and you might lose it all.

Once we’ve put a spotlight on the root cause of those fears and removed them, you’ll be amazed at how much better you are at creating more money. And, how at ease you feel about having enough money, and making more so you can live more fully.

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Whether at work or in your personal life, you probably experience situations similar to these:

You leave a conversation feeling confused because you can’t understand why some people responded adversely to what you said.

You find yourself in discussions where you are misheard, misunderstood and false assumptions are made and that’s incredibly frustrating.

It might even be difficult to get on the same page with certain people. They ask you questions and even though you clarify what you’re saying numerous times, a mutual understanding and agreement remains out of reach.

You leave the conversation feeling exasperated, annoyed, even powerless to change it.

While in other situations you realize your persuasive communication skills require a boost because your requests are turned down and negotiations fail to lead to a win-win outcome, more often than not.

You might think that to manage these situations successfully and more confidently in future that you need to read more ‘art of communication’ books or attend yet another communication course.

But you don’t (unless you want to spend time on those, of course).

What you need can be compared to when you go to the gym to sculpt your body and hope your exercise routine works so that maybe your body will look the way you want it to.


Go to the gym, hire an experienced personal trainer to custom-make a workout for you that’s specific to your physique and – you get the result you want – without wasting any of your precious time, money, and energy trying to figure out, by yourself, what you think you need, and fall short of what you want.

When you sign up for this communication program, you receive expert guidance, personalized tips and tailor-made practice sessions you need to communicate more effectively – whether in a personal or in a business-related context.

If all things are equal, being a clear, masterful, effective communicator allows you to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, being a master of (ethical) persuasion gives you a distinct competitive edge.

That’s why you’ll also learn the art of (ethical) persuasion. It plays a crucial role in the outcome of most situations – whether you try to convince your child to learn for an exam, try to persuade your staff to increase their effort, sell your products or services more easily, or have your negotiations with business partners and work colleagues reach a favourable outcome.

And, in your personal life, being an effective communicator is crucial if you want to continue to have happy, healthy and harmonious relationships.

When you want to master this skill, this program is definitely for you.

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Are you constantly grappling with feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and fluctuating self-esteem, despite your achievements? It’s time to shatter imposter syndrome and step into your true brilliance with unwavering self-worth, ease, and peace.

This transformative counselling program is crafted to dismantle the mental barriers of self-doubt, perfectionism and self-criticism freeing you from the invisible chains that hold you back from enjoying the successes you’ve earned and the genuine self-confidence you deserve to feel.

When you put in excessive effort at work to prove your worth, worry about maintaining your success or meeting expectations, take ‘failures’ personally and view them as proof of inadequacy, it can result in chronic stress and anxiety.

And, if you’re wrestling with fluctuating self-esteem, fear of failure and an ever-present fear of being exposed, these emotional weights affect your everyday life. This program is designed to help you completely clear away these crippling feelings and behaviours, allowing you to reclaim your confidence, feel at ease and stride forward boldly.

Even if you’re unsure how to break free from the crushing weight of imposter syndrome or have sought help before with little success, this program will help you conquer it – once and for all. It’s uniquely designed for your specific situation, utilising powerful, proven techniques that truly work.

Together, we’ll heal hidden wounds, dissolve mental barriers and self-limiting behaviours, and equip you with the tools to embrace a future filled with unwavering self-worth and serenity. It’s your time to shine – free from the burden of imposter syndrome – ready to truly thrive and start enjoying your accomplishments.

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Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you have the tools and techniques to make sales. That’s your outer game. But that isn’t the issue.

Deep down you know it’s your inner game – what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling – that trips you up.

Like some of my clients, you realize “I have all these great sales techniques but…

“I get nervous when I’m cold calling.” or

“I hesitate when I’m about to close a sale.” or

“I can’t shake the feeling of rejection, when someone declines to buy what I’m offering. And I’m hard on myself afterwards.”

Unfortunately, when our mental and emotional state is off kilter – whether that’s before we start a sales conversation or while we have the conversation – our prospects will pick up on our ‘state’ and it influences how they respond to us. Most often they will feel equal unease, and some will hesitate (even decline) to buy our product or service.

Of course we want to prevent that from happening, as much as possible. That’s why we choose to learn how to master our inner game.

However, when we decide to do that, most of us erroneously believe ‘I just need to shift my mindset.’ But that’s not enough. Your mindset is only one aspect of how to be more successful at sales.

What I’ve seen most of my clients have difficulty with is the other aspect which is how to deal with their emotional blocks.

 Some are concerned about how nervous, anxious and uneasy they feel when they have a sales conversation.

While others don’t know how to deal with feeling rejected and how to stop the intense self-criticism that starts after they’ve had a sales conversation, in which the prospect declined to work with them or buy their product.

And others do relatively well with their sales conversations but (unbeknown to them) feel unworthy to receive more money. Sadly, this subconscious money block will sabotage them from substantially making more sales and will often cause their income to plateau.

Whatever your situation may be, and whether you are aware or unaware of these emotional blocks, they will hinder you considerably more than your mental barriers alone.

To achieve exponential sales success, you’ll need to fine tune the mental and emotional aspects of your inner game  – and that’s exactly what this program does.

Once you’re mentally and emotionally aligned, you’ll be able speak to prospective clients or buyers, whether on the phone or in person, and feel calm, confident, and completely at ease. Your conversations will flow easily and as you close more sales, you’ll see your income soar.

P.S. This programme is additionally offered as a group coaching course. Should you wish to make enquiries regarding this, please visit our contact page here
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As a highly successful person, you’re someone who seeks perfection and has high expectations of yourself and others. And the more success you have, the greater the pressure on you to keep doing things perfectly.

Unfortunately, perfectionism can lead down two roads. You may suffer from fatigue, harsh self-criticism, and a lack of compassion for yourself which can lead to anger and even depression.

Or, even though it’s not normally in your nature, your perfectionism can lead to procrastination and self-doubt.

When you sign up for this program, you extract the root cause of your perfectionism, so it’s no longer an issue. Thereafter, you’re more relaxed, kinder to yourself (and others) and able to do things properly – which is good enough.

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Whatever is causing your worry and anxiety can be alleviated, and even removed.

In most cases, it relates to a situation you find yourself in right now. Or you have concerns about the future or a future event that you have a negative expectation about. Or it can be based on past experiences.

Either way, it’s possible to deal with the underlying root causes of the inhibiting, disabling feelings of worry and anxiety so effectively that you find your composure again and feel peaceful and relaxed.

You’ll be able to move forward, with more ease, trusting yourself to solve any issue that may pop up, feeling so much calmer than before.

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If you think about where you are at right now, and consider how you feel at the end of the day, can you say you’re happily living your passion or not? Or are you still trying to find out what that is?

You’ll probably agree that it’s disheartening when you know what you’re good at, but you have no real idea what you’re passionate about, and you keep asking, “What have I come here to do?”

Wouldn’t you be happy if someone could take you through a tried and tested, step-by-step system and help you find what your passion and purpose isYes?

Because this program (consisting of only 7 sessions) helps you find the one thing that you were always meant to do – the thing you were born to do – your life purpose.

When you find it, you’ll come to express yourself and your natural abilities in a way that makes you happy. You feel fulfilled, like your life has more meaning. Plus, you’ll really enjoy what you do. 

Live a happy, inspired and meaningful life in alignment with what you’ve come here to do. Not only does that support you in all areas of your life but it also fulfils a need in the world.

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Remove mental barriers, unwanted feelings and limiting behaviours that hinder you from achieving greater success and making the difference you came here to make.

In this program, you’ll examine your thoughts, beliefs, character and behaviour in a deeper way than you have before to bring about a higher level of self-awareness.

Most people don’t know that having a high level of self-awareness is crucial if you want to maintain a laser-like focus, take action consistently, and remain mentally strong and emotionally balanced. It’s also essential when you want things to unfold and happen with ease –  rather than struggle and strain – as you take your business to your next level.

If you were to ask any highly successful entrepreneur what the single most important skill is in business, that if you mastered it, it would account for more business than any other skill, they would tell you – the ability to (ethically) influence people. That’s why, in this program, you will also be taught this precious skill.

In addition, you’ll learn success-orientated and productive habits to keep yourself on track and on time to achieve your desired goals.

We’ll also make sure your thoughts, feelings and behaviour are in sync so your inner compass is set for success. This way you’re able to take your business to its next level of growth and prosperity, increase your influence and impact, and do even more good in the world.

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Board certified Nutritionist, Cancer Mentor and Author




Transform Your Personal Life

You want to deal with experiences from your past that prevent you from functioning and feeling the way you’d like to. Perhaps you want to work on your personal issues to improve the important relationships in your life. Or you’d like to change how you feel about yourself.

If the methods you’ve tried before haven’t worked, don’t despair. As I take you through the Finally Free™ System, you’ll learn how to free yourself from limiting beliefs and uncomfortable emotions and other inner limitations.

Soon, you’ll feel more ‘in balance’ with yourself, more joyful, expressive, accepting and calm.

Whatever your particular challenge, the below personal programs were created to help you.

For the most part, life is working out the way you’d like it to. But still, you aren’t truly happy.

You may have a sense that something is missing from your life. Or something consistently bothers you. Or perhaps you just find it difficult to be happy.

If this sounds like you, this program will unearth whatever may be diminishing your happiness.

Once the root causes have been removed, the disappointment and dissatisfaction that was running through your everyday life will be gone, and you’ll be able to look on the bright side again.

You will draw more positive people to you, laugh and smile more, have fun, and stay cheerful no matter what happens.

As you reconnect with the joyful you again, you seek out enjoyable experiences with your family, friends and partner.  Your renewed energy, enthusiasm and optimism trickles into everything you do, and life begins to work out the way you’d like it to.

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Are you plagued by angry thoughts? By sudden outbursts of frustration, for no apparent reason? Do you react aggressively towards others, even though you try to ‘control’ it?

As a university student, I realized I had so-called ‘anger issues.’ I subsequently decided to attend numerous self-development courses to learn how to deal with anger.

Just like in most ‘anger management’ courses offered nowadays; I was taught to manage the anger which meant distract myself from it. Intellectually engage with it and control it.

But the problem with all these distraction-based techniques is you are taught to skillfully suppress your anger. On the one hand it’s helpful if you can keep your anger in check because that way others don’t get affected by it, and you save face because you’re not frowned upon when you express it.

But on the other hand, we need to remember, when you are managing your anger, you are not getting rid of it. And that’s why ‘anger management’ only brings you temporary relief but is not a permanent solution.

You see if you want real change, you will have to free yourself of your anger – for good.

And when you want that, this program is the right fit for you.

It is designed to help you remove the root causes behind this overwhelming emotion and any other emotions that anger tends to cover up.

Once the anger is gone, you will feel peace within again.  Have a quieter mind and bring balance and calm back into your life.

Because that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

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You’ve probably noticed when you’re afflicted with fear, simply telling yourself to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ doesn’t actually help. The fear doesn’t magically vanish. And you’re forced to carry on, while feeling fearful. And try as you might, you can’t fully suppress it either.

This program does not teach you to ‘talk your way through it’, or distract yourself and suppress your fear.

By contrast, this program helps you locate the exact subconscious cause of the fear that holds you back, blocks you or keeps you stuck. Together we’ll remove it, so you can move your life forward, feel calm and at ease once again.

 When you are ready to evaporate your fear and be free, this program is for you.

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Are you usually hard on yourself? Criticising how you should’ve done something? How could you make that mistake… yet again? Do you often feel not good enough?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to free yourself from these feelings?

When you’re done with listening to the constant chatter of your inner critic, and want to treat yourself with greater kindness, compassion and understanding, then it’s time to sign up for this program.

As you progress through the program, your tone when speaking to yourself will begin to soften. You’ll learn how to make allowances for yourself, and feel satisfied even in instances where you’ve tried your best and fallen short of what you wanted to achieve.

As you puncture your self-criticism and step into self-acceptance, you enjoy just being you – relaxed, vibrant and so much happier. You’re finally free to be who you truly are.

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You may (or may not) know that ‘emotional baggage’ is more than likely preventing you from being as successful, happy, creative, calm, abundant and loved as you can be.

Hurtful and traumatic experiences affect how you feel about yourself, how you express your emotions, and you relate to others, as well as how you function on a day-to-day basis.

In your business these experiences influence how focussed, action-orientated, and productive (or not) you are. Worst of all, they can be a destructive force when they sabotage your success and prosperity – without you even being consciously aware of it!

And, if you’re sitting with feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, grief, loss, or fluctuating levels of self-worth, then it’s likely that these hurtful past experiences influence how you feel and function – daily.

Like most of us, you might also be unaware how this ‘emotional baggage’ leaks into your relationships and makes those difficult for yourself and others.

In many instances, our emotional and behavioural patterns have their origin in past lives. Low self-esteem, feelings of hurt, fear and anger, as well as relationship patterns (romantic, familial, and work) are the most common.

Irrespective of whether the source of your hurtful and traumatic experiences is in your present life or past lives, I will help you clear away the emotional residue completely, so you can be free.

Free of the past, at peace in the present, and able to move forward with anticipation, as you create your future – without carrying any of that heavy baggage with you.

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How happy would you be if you no longer reacted, were frustrated, and upset, or carried hurt, resentment and anger towards someone with whom you have a difficult relationship?

And instead, were able to be yourself, respond in the best way possible and accept the relationship for what it is because you understand its true purpose? You’d feel a whole lot better, wouldn’t you?

You might find yourself in different kinds of difficult relationships, and this program can help you deal with the root cause of those. Here are just three examples:

1. Despite your best efforts your relationship is still very difficult – you just can’t get along, you’re not on the same page or they put you down, you’re shamed, blamed, shouted at, controlled, constantly criticized, insulted, suppressed, have angry arguments.

You’re frustrated because they bring out the worst in you, and you don’t like being that way.  It goes against your true nature.

2. You felt the relationship could not be mended. So, you decided to disconnect from that person and no longer interact with them.

Even though you’re no longer in contact, you want to understand why the relationship has taken the course it has. You feel the unease of carrying unfinished business.  You seek proper closure because it’ll allow you to move forward with forgiveness and peace in your heart.

3. You find yourself in yet another challenging romantic relationship. Yes, your current partner is ‘better’ than your previous partners, yet there are eerie similarities starting to play themselves out. You’ve decided you’ve had enough of this. You want answers to help you clearly understand why you’re in ‘pattern repeat’ mode. Ready to shift whatever is necessary so you can release this pattern once and for all.

Throughout our life we all encounter difficult relationships. Many of us will say “They’re a difficult person, just accept it.” While others will try and downplay how challenging the relationship is and make excuses for the other person, by saying ‘they’re just very different’, or ‘they don’t mean to treat me this way’, or even worse, ‘I must have done something for them to behave like that towards me.’

Based on what I’ve seen in more than 20 years I’ve helped clients with their relationships – whether it’s their romantic partners, parents, siblings, bosses, co-workers – there’s a deeper reason why 90% of relationships are difficult. It’s unfinished business from past lives.

That’s where the root of these difficult relationships lies.

The good news is once you access the past lives specific to your situation and see the pattern you have going with the other person, it’s like you’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle.

You resolve the patterns and issues within those lives. Gain the clarity and understanding you’ve been seeking. Accept the purpose of the relationship and work with it. Move forward. Feel relieved. Lighter. At peace.

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Your relationship has ended. You feel raw. Wounded. Your heart bleeds.

You need to take time out to grieve the end of the relationship. As the grief leaves, you know now it’s time to heal your hurt, loss, anger or resentment.

Whether your relationship ended amicably, or it was unhealthy, abusive or with a narcissist it is very important to clear away the emotional residue effectively because you don’t want to be affected by it any longer and you want to avoid that it seeps into your next relationship and creates havoc.

Together, we will remove any lingering painful or unpleasant emotions and mend your heart so you can move forward, feeling free, at peace, and ready to love again.

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Right now, you’re frustrated because you’ve done what others have suggested you should do. You got completely clear about the kind of partner you want and what you want the relationship to look like. You’ve taken the time to meet someone but nothing much has happened…you’re still not in a relationship.

Or, you meet someone you like, start dating, and even though things are going well, after three months, it doesn’t work out.

Somehow, the kind of deep love you’re looking for still eludes you – it’s disheartening, and a bit confusing.

You know something is keeping you from having a happy, loving and connected relationship. You don’t know exactly what it is, and you want to get to the bottom of it.

Many of the things you’ve felt powerless to change about how love goes for you, are things you do in fact have the power to change.

Creating a relationship that works may seem like rocket science. But it isn’t. The problem is we are not taught the two most influential factors that determine the kind of relationship we’ll have. These two influencing forces are:  the relationship we have with ourselves, and the degree to which we’ve dealt with our personal issues. (By the way, we all have those.)

The good news is, when you learn to respect who you are, really accept yourself, feel good about yourself and have dealt with your subconscious ‘blocks’ around love, then you’ll be able to bring the partner and relationship you seek into your life.

You see, when you become more accepting of yourself, you feel more comfortable within yourself. That’s when you’re able to allow in the passionate and supportive love you want and let someone else truly love you.

Plus, when you feel this ease and peace within yourself, you don’t feel the need to control, or criticize your partner. Instead, you’re able to let them be themselves and express themselves in the way that they choose. (And I don’t need to tell you how much good that will do your relationship!)

In this program, we’ll remove any inner blocks that keep you from becoming aligned to your ideal partner and the relationship you want to have. Aside from the important work of improving the relationship you have with yourself; we’ll review your past relationships and discard any lingering baggage, so it never gets in your way again.

You will also receive advanced communication skills to help you communicate clearly, openly and honestly with your future partner.

These vital skills will deepen and strengthen your connection with each other, help you resolve disagreements, and empower you to create a solid foundation for your relationship to thrive.

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You’ve been in a relationship for many years, maybe you’re even married, and things have become challenging or have even gone very pear-shaped. Your relationship is in crisis.

You aren’t communicating like before, are arguing more, and want to withdraw. Perhaps you have already grown apart.

Every day, you are more and more affected by what is happening. Even though you’ve tried to fix things, the situation is deteriorating. You feel disconnected, distressed and down.

You’ve gone to see a couples counsellor, but it didn’t work or it has made little difference, and you don’t know what to do anymore.

Even though you don’t know how it got to this point, this program will help rescue your relationship if you both want your situation to improve and are willing and ready to do what it takes.

To help you understand what went wrong, we’ll uncover the root cause of the challenges plaguing your relationship – often the root cause is not what you think (or have been told) it is.

We will work towards completely resolving the root cause, that way the situation you find yourself in should never arise again.

In addition, you’ll discover how to foster a healthy relationship where you’re adding to each other’s happiness, rather than being dependant on your partner to make you happy.

Most of us have no idea that the quality of our relationship is strongly influenced by the level of self-awareness we have, the kind of relationship we have with ourselves, and the issues we (all) carry within.

You’ll both be given the necessary guidance and help, as well as highly effective techniques to help you make the necessary improvements within yourself.

You’ll also learn advanced communication skills because a strong contributing factor to any happy relationship is the ability to listen, communicate openly, honestly and clearly, and resolve disagreements.

All these elements make it easier to have a relationship where you feel deeply connected, have a good understanding of each other and mutual respect, honesty and trust are maintained.

You’re able to talk about anything and everything easily and openly – without hesitation.

You can accept each other’s differences and allow each other to be who you are.

In your heart, you know this is the happy, healthy and harmonious relationship you long for and sense you are meant to have. And, with some expert help, you can have.

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Human Resource Officer

Got Questions? Here Are Some Answers:

Every program includes four 90 minute sessions a month with additional elements.

The duration of the programs differs depending on:

1) The program selected.

For example, the Make Over Your Money Mentality, Clear Your Subconscious Money Blocks and Create More Abundance Program will be longer than the Wipe Out Worry and Anxiety Program because it includes more training components.

2) How complex the challenge, block or belief is that you’re experiencing.

Some challenges just have one underlying cause, whilst others can have two to three.

Generally speaking, programs that deal with the removal of one challenge, will generally be two months.

Other programs that help you shift numerous inner limitations and improve certain skills, will be 3-6 months. Only one of the Master Your Inner World Programs is 12 months because it is all-encompassing.

During your free clarity call we’ll discuss what will work best for you, as I present to you options specifically tailored to your situation and the outcome you would like to achieve.

In your everyday life, you’re an action-taker and you’re committed to doing what is necessary to achieve success. All you need to do to have success with the Finally Free™ System is the same: be committed, willing to fully engage with the block, belief or behaviour you want to remove, and be eager to do what it takes whilst going through the entire system.

And remember: I’m always there to support you, encourage you and walk beside you until you achieve your desired outcome

In all of our programs, we welcome all genders, all identities, all people.

As you can imagine that depends on several factors, primarily your level of self-awareness, commitment, willingness to engage with the inner challenge and how complex the block or belief is that you’re experiencing.

To give you an example:

Generally speaking, if someone experiences high levels of anxiety, there are often two-three underlying causes.  Whereas, if someone has low levels of anxiety, there is often only one cause to be removed, hence it requires less time to experience calm again.

Having said that, most people will experience certain results within the first two-three sessions.  These results vary from becoming more self-aware, having more clarity and understanding the cause of their issue, as well as experiencing some emotional relief and even mental calm.

Generally speaking, most clients achieve their desired outcome within one-three months. The exact time frame depends on the program selected and the specific challenge you want to deal with.

My approach and methods are different to the mainstream traditional methodologies and approaches (and even that of a lot of alternative practitioners), as I draw on my background in psychology and metaphysics, and use my intuitive skills (primarily claircognisance and clairsentience), as well as the unique and proven Finally Free™ System I’ve developed – in all the transformation programs I offer.

The Finally Free™ System is holistic in nature as it focuses on your mental, emotional, as well as your soul aspects. It uses a unique combination of counselling processes, life coaching techniques and tools, regression therapy (depending on the block), as well as other effective processes I’ve developed over the last 20 plus years.

I’m quite selective with whom I choose to work. This is to ensure that results are achieved and in the shortest time possible. People know me to work with open-minded, motivated, dedicated and focused action-takers who are eager to improve their current life situation and are committed to their personal development and success.


  • Are eager to fully engage with and resolve whatever inner limitation holds them back from what they want in their life and who they want to become
  • Are fully dedicated to the coaching process and ready to improve themselves and their life
  • Recognize that they are responsible for creating their reality, and only they can change that (with some expert guidance, of course)

I don’t work with blamers or excuse-makers. Nor with those who are reluctant to make the required effort to bring about the result they want.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when you work with these types of people it can be quite draining and time-consuming.

You’re well aware we’re all presented with challenges, yet taking personal responsibility for one’s personal growth is crucial if you want to release your inner blocks, move forward, and live the life you envision for yourself.

In order to be freed of any uncomfortable emotion or an issue caused by underlying emotions, you would need to be open to feel those feelings.

Please note, I’m not saying you would need to be comfortable feeling your unpleasant emotions because few people are.

You would just need to allow yourself to feel them.

As you’re taken through the Finally Free™ system to deal with the emotional issue, there would come a point when you would need to engage with the underlying emotion.

In most instances, this particular step takes less than a minute.

During this short period, I assist you to fully release what you’re feeling so that it’s completely removed and you’re free of it.

Your situation will be unique, simply because there’s no one else like you on this planet.  And that’s wonderful.

If you’re asking, ‘Will you be able to help me if my situation is vastly different to anyone else’s that you may have worked with before?’

My answer to that is: If I can help you, I’ll let you know before we start working together.  And if I can’t, I’ll also let you know beforehand.

To assist with the alleviation and possible removal of certain mental and emotional conditions for which you are taking prescribed medication (e.g., depression and anxiety), the dosage of the medication may need to be reduced under medical supervision in order for the Finally Free™ system to be effective, and help you achieve the anticipated and desired result.

Unfortunately, most prescribed medication changes the electrochemistry in your brain and numbs your emotions.

For the root cause of your issue to be removed, it’s necessary for you to engage with it. When you take certain medication, engaging with the root cause becomes difficult.

You would need to decide whether you’re willing to reduce the intake of your medication to free yourself of the mental or emotional condition you’re dealing with.

Please remember, I’m neither a medical doctor, nor psychiatrist and can in no way oversee the reduced intake of prescribed medication. I also cannot be held responsible nor liable for any side-effects or unforeseen repercussions that may result from the reduced intake of your medication. You would accept the risk for this.

Nope. It’ll work if you’re new to personal development or have come a long way in your personal and spiritual journey.

Yes, it is.

However, it is only when you complete the Program specific to the result you want to achieve and go through the entire Finally Free™ System do you experience lasting change.

It is important to note: If a similar issue ever arises again, the root cause of that issue will be different to the one that was removed.

To give you an example:
John starts to feel anxious whilst giving a presentation in front of a large group of people, when he felt fine giving presentations in the past.

It turns out, the cause of this anxiety is a fear of rejection. As John is taken through the Finally Free™ System, this cause is removed, and John now feels calm and confident instead.

A few months go by and John has starting to train to climb Mount Everest. Three weeks into training for this climb, he starts to feel anxious. And it’s established that the cause for his anxiety is a fear of death.

In both instances, we’re dealing with anxiety. Yet in both instances the root cause is different.

Just because we’ve removed the fear of rejection or the fear of death that caused the anxiety in these instances, does not mean you’ll never feel anxious again.

In summary: If the same or similar issue comes up again, the root causes will be different to before. In other words, you won’t have the issue for the same reasons you did before.

Hence the result is lasting, as it relates to the specific problem, issue or challenge for which the specific root causes were removed.

Please remember to read our disclaimer here.

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“I felt irritated, lonely and depressed. It was as if I had the world upon my shoulders, constantly feeling like a dark cloud was following me around waiting to rain down on me.

After working with Dr. Sonja, all those things are gone. I feel lighter, more at peace with myself, more positive and much happier. The need to rehash my past and stay in the sad, miserable place I kept going back to has also stopped. I feel freer.

I absolutely, unconditionally, can recommend the work Dr. Sonja does. She will ensure you remain safe and she’ll stick by you through it all.

No matter the distance, she will keep going until you have come out of the tunnel.

I am 100% certain that if I had not gone to her for help, I would have ventured further down the road of misery and depression. Not that I would’ve wanted to, but it would have happened, and it would not have ended well.

I feel I owe my life to Dr. Sonja.

Human Resources Officer

“Dr. Sonja has a vibrant and cleansing energy field around her which helps you feel uplifted and energized yourself.

Her sincerity, dedication and passion shine through her work and make her very authentic and compassionate.

I connected with her when my body told me in no uncertain terms via cancer that it was time to address unresolved emotional conflicts.

Her many years of experience and her intuitive ability enable her to recognize your patterns almost immediately and guide you to a place from which you can take over self-care. She is highly professional, efficient, to the point, very direct, truthful and clear about what options are available to you.

When you are ready to face yourself and really wish to change your emotional state, behavior and thought patterns – she will be the right choice to help you.”

Kirstin Nussgruber
Board certified Nutritionist, Cancer Mentor and Author

If I had not signed up to work with Dr. Sonja I feel I would not have found my life purpose. And I would’ve been held back by my past, and not understood or moved out of the continuing cycle of behavioural patterns that didn’t serve me.

Dr. Sonja is direct and structured in her approach, and her intuition and perception of where I was and what I was feeling was truly amazing.

Through counselling, I have been able to find my life purpose, resolve issues from my previous relationship, accept myself more, feel more peaceful, live more in the present and be excited about my future.

I truly believe I am where I am today because of the person she is and her method of counselling. I am, and always will be, eternally grateful.”

Hilary Kellett

Hilary Kellet

“I felt like an emotional basket case with a side helping of neediness. And sought Dr. Sonja’s counsel to learn how deal with my emotions that were causing me excruciating pain. I also wanted to better understand my spiritual lessons that I was challenged by.

By using the tools Dr. Sonja has taught me, I feel more confident and self-assured and I’ve taken my power back from those who used to manipulate me.

I’ve gained a much better understanding of my past, and myself. Her techniques have liberated me from my fears, life long conditioning, emotional pain, mental blocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about myself.

Dr. Sonja, thanks to you, I am happier, more assertive, able to deal with any emotion and I’ve come to know myself so much better. Thank you so much!!!”

Khanyi Khaemba
Marketing Manager

Khanyi Khaemba

“I went to see Dr. Sonja because I was going through an emotional time after the break up of my relationship, and I needed help in dealing with the negativity created by the emotions.

Dr. Sonja’s approach helped me to surrender feelings and emotions, which I judged, in an easy and non-judgemental way.

The inner work I did with her shifted me on many levels. I now understand myself better and am able to deal with my emotions very quickly and efficiently. The tools I was given are priceless!”

Oracle HR Functional Analyst

Sujen Naidoo