Find out how our relationship can change the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself

I could tell you my life story and the many challenges I’ve overcome. Most of us could write a book about those, couldn’t we?

I could also talk about how I managed to heighten my intuitive abilities, we all have those too. Or how I created my Finally Free™ system. But actually, the best way to tell you about me is through the eyes of my clients.

Take Susan, for instance.

At the end of our session, she has a serene look on her face – a look that shows she’s finally broken free from the enormous emotional weight, which, until now, has stifled the joy in her life for many years.

Smiling warmly at me, she says, “You need to tell people that it’s possible… it’s possible to feel content, to feel this good.”

My heart wells up with pure joy. I’m so happy to have helped Susan – who previously saw numerous therapists but experienced little change – bring an eight-year long internal struggle to an end.

It’s a humbling, life-fulfilling moment.

For me, nothing beats the feeling of helping someone
transform their life for the better.

Seeing my clients free themselves of inner challenges and past baggage, as they get back to who they really are. Happy, calm, and at peace with themselves.

Perhaps best of all, I see the positive ripple effect their transformation has on their family, friends, business and the world around them.

As Susan leaves my rooms, she turns to me and earnestly says, “You need to help many, many more people feel like this. This content…and light…and free. And let them know, it is possible to feel this way again.”

“I promise I will”, I smile back at her.


Configuration Consultant

“I was angry, negative and snapped a lot at people, and this frustrated me. From being a happy-go-lucky person, I now had low self-esteem, I didn’t believe I deserved love, I was unhappy at work, and my future seemed negative. I also knew I had to let go of a tough childhood and the grief of losing my dad and boyfriend a few years ago.

As a result of working with Dr. Sonja, I am now the happiest person I have been in a long time because I dealt with my past baggage. I’m more confident, I know my worth, stand my ground and love my life. Working with her has made me a wiser, stronger, positive and just all round better individual!

Dr. Sonja is brilliant. She is a world of difference to any psychologist I’ve ever been to. I have recommended her to many people and have passed her lessons and advice given to me onto others. I tell them that ‘she changed my life’.

Because she has so much knowledge and experience, she’s also able to provide you with a better understanding of yourself and give you greater insight into any aspect of your life. And she does this with so much care and warmth.

I’m a new person since I’ve been to her. I actually don’t believe in seeing anyone else. With Dr. Sonja you know that you will achieve positive and lasting results.”

Solutions Architect

Kativa Harduth

The power of
personal experience

While studying at university, and for no apparent reason, I began to feel disinterested in life and sadness seemed to follow me everywhere – which was not in my nature. The dark fog I felt in my brain and heavy feeling in my body began to wear me down.

Being an action-taker, I wanted to sort it out Fast!

So, I visited my doctor. He told me I was depressed and explained that a chemical imbalance was causing my symptoms. Of course, he prescribed a popular antidepressant, which I took religiously – thinking it would solve my problem.

But actually, things got worse.

After three months on the meds, I felt more numb and sad than before. When the doctor suggested I try another type of anti-depressant, I was quick to say no, convinced there must be a better way.

Others said to me, ‘Why don’t you just go for therapy?’ I did think about that. So I asked a fellow (depressed) student, who was seeing a psychologist for six months, if she was feeling better. She said, ‘A little…’

‘A little’ was not going to work for me.

Nor was I willing to accept what some others said to me, ‘You’ll just have to live with it.’

Seeing that medication didn’t work, and I wasn’t ‘just going to live with it’ and I had no interest in only feeling ‘a little’ bit better, the only choice I had was: I had to get rid of the depression.

And then I had a stroke of good luck…

I developed severe lower back pain!

My journey to recovery

Immobilized by back pain, I asked a friend for help.

She gave me a copy of Louise L. Hay’s book You can heal your life, which introduced me to the mind-body connection and psychoneuroimmunology – the study of how the mind can effect health and wellness.

To my amazement, the book accurately pinpointed the cause of my back pain and set me on a course to explore my way out of the hellish depression that I was trapped in. But the path wasn’t always easy to see.

During these pre-Google days, I read every book I could find on the topic. I figured out one of the suppressed emotions causing the depression was anger.

And so I attended many self-development courses to learn how to deal with anger. I was taught to manage it, distract myself from it, intellectually engage with it and control it. (Practically speaking this means ‘Suppress it’).

But the problem was that all these techniques approached dealing with your emotions at a conscious, intellectual level only.

Unfortunately that only brought some slight relief.

Finding a solution that
actually works

The medication, the distraction-based techniques and the courses that taught me to ‘manage my emotions’ didn’t bring any real change. They may have helped me decrease how often I felt those difficult emotions but didn’t free me from them.

So I decided the only option for me was to become my own guinea pig. I would use my knowledge of the mind-body connection, metaphysics and my intuitive abilities, coupled with a lot of self-analysis to uncover new ideas and processes, which I would try out on myself. Some things I tried worked well, others didn’t – but it was all part of the learning process.

After six months of trial, error and success, I finally figured out a process that freed me from the subconscious shackles that had held me captive. I ran out of the tunnel of depression and into the light.

Free at last!

How I experienced a tangible,
lasting transformation

My journey led to a profound understanding:
when you deal with your inner challenges at a conscious level only, you experience only short-term relief and a slight improvement – yet no lasting change.

The truth is, you need to locate and remove the subconscious root cause of the mental barriers, unwanted feelings and restrictive behaviors that hold you back. Only then can you be completely free of them.

Imagine for a moment, the happy, fulfilling and successful life you want to have.
You know you feel certain things when you’re thinking about that, don’t you?

You realize deep down inside that it’s something you really want, isn’t it? As you think about all the things you do want, you also realize you don’t have these yet.

Of course you’ve tried. You’ve been to see a coach or therapist to help remove what’s held you back from having that life but their methods haven’t really worked. Not in the long-term, anyway. And that’s why your inner challenges are still here, preventing you from achieving the life you envision.

Just for now, push aside all the things you’ve tried before. And consider something you haven’t yetsomething new that’s actually proven to remove your inner challenges and unconscious blocks.

Ready to find out what it is?

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A closer look at Dr. Sonja Jahn,
Ph.D., H.L.C., C.Ht., CSMC

Affectionately known as ‘the liberator’ – thanks to her impressive track record of helping her clients free themselves from their subconscious blocks, beliefs and behaviours – Dr. Sonja Jahn, Ph.D., is a well-respected, highly successful transformation specialist.

Conscious entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers from all over the world have sought out her unique skills to advance their personal development and experience a profound transformation.

Internationally certified and accredited as a Hypnotherapist, Holistic Life Coach, Transpersonal Counsellor, Metaphysical Practitioner and Stress Management Consultant, Dr. Sonja is also an inspirational speaker and presents personal development workshops.

Aside from having 6 academic degrees, including a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counselling, she has a background in psychology and metaphysics, and uses her intuitive abilities (clairsentience and claircognisance) and advanced tools to holistically address her clients’ inner obstacles and life situations.

With a holistic approach and her self-developed and proven Finally Free™ system, she has helped create lasting and positive transformational change in the lives of many – for already 24 years.

In 2002, her life changed profoundly when she moved into nirbikalpa samadhi (higher state of consciousness) for the first time. Since then, she experiences a consistent connection to the Divine.

As an eternal student of life, she loves to learn something new every week. Aside from being a gym nut, she also enjoys yoga to improve her body’s strength and flexibility and admits she’s positively addicted to its spiritual benefits too.

Spending time outdoors with her family and friends brings her as much joy as the time she spends in solace during her twice-daily meditation practice that keeps her centred, whilst it also recharges and re-energizes her.

You’re ready to experience a tangible transformation and results that last?

Let Dr. Sonja take you through her proven system to free yourself
of your inner limitations – for good.

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Glen S

“I was unmotivated, depressed, and generally unhappy with the way my life was going. I also had not dealt with the death of my baby son and it was clouding my horizon. I had ‘the house, husband, child and car’ but still felt unfulfilled. I also needed a more spiritual approach – because I felt empty.

Dr. Sonja is very compassionate, kind and caring; and really listens, but also expects you to make the necessary effort to change whatever you’ve come to seek her help for – this was just what I needed!

All I can say is she’s changed my life. She has given me real tools to deal with the every day ‘stuff’ and also helped me work through some of my past life experiences that were negatively impacting me in this life.

For the first time in my life I feel I can cope with life. I was diagnosed as bi-polar and by working through certain issues I have been able to go off all medication and feel so much better for it.

I have done numerous courses on ‘positive thinking’, life skills etc. and been to many psychologists and psychiatrists in my life.

No one, and I mean no one, has had such an impact on me as Dr. Sonja has. She has given me a way forward. I am a much more balanced, spiritual person since working with her.

She is the most interesting and evolved person I have ever met, and she has a real gift, which she uses to help others. I feel truly blessed to have her in my life and I have learnt so much. It has been a wonderful, liberating journey with her!”