Work with me to remove your inner challenges – for good. And live the life you envision for yourself.

Your vision is clear.
You want to have more, be more and make a bigger difference in the world.
You’re hungry to step up to your next level.

But something inside is holding you back from the success you know you can achieve, from being more joyful, at peace and fulfilled.

Chances are you’ve tried therapy or coaching before. You took the advice and used the techniques as best as you could. But somehow the same issues and challenges keep returning, leaving you completely frustrated.

And maybe, just like I did, you’re thinking:

If I could just learn how to ‘let it go,’ my issue would no longer bother me


If I ignore these uncomfortable feelings, they’ll go away


If I keep repeating affirmations, my critical thoughts will disappear


If I do my breathing exercise more often, my anxiety will vanish


If I try a little harder and distract myself from it, this fear will disappear

But I’m guessing none of these techniques have brought a significant change.

And you’re probably wondering why no matter what self-improvement technique or process you use; you just can’t seem to make any profound (life-altering) changes in your life?

If so, you’re not alone.

You see, the truth of the matter is…

It’s not your fault.

You haven’t done anything wrong. And your lack of results cannot be attributed to not making the necessary effort or not trying hard enough. Because as an action taker you’re committed to achieve success, and always eager to do what it takes.

Work with Dr. Sonja Jahn

Put an end to whatever’s
holding you back

Unfortunately, too many coaches and therapists will deal with deep-seated issues at a conscious (logical and intellectual) level only. And with that approach you get a limited result or even worse, none at all.

And whilst there are some coaches who do help you engage with an issue at a subconscious level, and uncover a cause, this may not necessarily be the root cause of the issue – and that means the issue is only partially resolved.

(And you can’t really hold that against them, because sometimes they don’t really know better. They’re just doing the best they can with what they know and have experienced themselves.)

You see for your inner challenge to be completely removed, and for you to experience a lasting result, you would need to stop scratching on the surface of your conscious mind and dig into your subconscious mind.

What’s stored in your subconscious are: limiting thought patterns, unresolved emotions, all your past experiences, as well as mental and emotional aspects of you that are out of balance.

Also anchored in your subconscious are the root causes of these inner challenges. And if you’re not digging deep enough, you can’t unearth the root causes to make a lasting change.

Quite honestly, if the root causes were located in your conscious mind, then you’d be able to dissolve them on your own. Simply thinking things through would do the trick.

But, as you can see, that’s not how it works.

It’s similar to a weed growing in your garden. Trimming it is an ineffective and temporary solution, because it’s still anchored in the soil. In time, the weed will just regrow.

To stop it from sprouting again, you must get rid of it completely – roots and all.

I’ll show you how.

It’s time to experience a profound and
lasting change in your life

Unearth what’s holding you back
Remove inner blocks so you can take your business to your next level of success

Drive your career forward
Get on the path to becoming the dynamic leader you know you can be

Feel more calm, be more focused and happy
Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whatever life throws at you

Move past lingering issues
Finally free yourself from old issues that have plagued you for too long and be at peace

Free yourself from uncomfortable emotions
Let go of doubt, anxiety, fear and any other emotion that restricts you, and feel calmer, lighter and freer

Nurture loving, healthy relationships
Remove whatever’s keeping you from the love, connection and intimacy you crave

Work with me to create a happier,
more successful and fulfilling life

When we work together, I use my intuitive skills (clairsentience and claircognisance) to pick up exactly how you’re feeling and ‘where you’re at’, even if you’re sitting hundreds of miles away. (Some clients have jokingly commented on these abilities, saying, ‘you’re weird – but in a good way’.)

In addition, I use a holistic approach that addresses all the core aspects of your human experience – intellectual, emotional, and spiritual – this ensures your issue is dealt with in its entirety.

Coupled with the holistic approach, and my intuitive skills, I take you through the Finally Free™ system I’ve developed to remove the root cause of whatever your inner challenge may be, so you can be free of itthe lifetime benefit of this is priceless.

This unique way of engaging with your challenge saves you time, money, energy and of course, tons of frustration, because you’ll no longer have to deal with your issue again. Once the root cause is gone, it’ll no longer affect you.

You’ll feel triumphant for having conquered something that once seemed unconquerable.

When you are ready to fully engage with your inner challenge, it does not matter what your level of self-awareness, background, or age is, or where you currently stand on your personal development journey. What awaits you is an incredible and profound inner transformation that changes your life in remarkable ways.

The result you’ll experience is not just life-changing, but also enhances every aspect of your life, and in some cases, even saves it.



IT Solutions Architect

Are you ready to try something new?

This is perfect for you, if:

You are a high achiever / go getter / leader/ change maker / entrepreneur

You have a positive, can-do attitude and are committed to show up fully

You are ready to engage with whatever inner limitation holds you back from what you want in life and who you want to become

You recognize you’re responsible for creating your reality, and only you can change that (with some expert guidance, of course)

You are eager to improve and willing to invest time and money in yourself

This is not for you, if you:

Want a band-aid solution

Are not ready for and committed to change

Blame others for what is going on in your life

Are not willing to engage with your past to make progress in the present

Are fine with where you are in life and have no real desire to improve it

As you know it all starts and ends with you.

To help you get to your desired outcome, here’s what I will do for you:

Accept you for who you are

Believe in you

Encourage you

Be supportive, compassionate and understanding

Be open, honest and direct with you

Walk beside you on your journey of transformation until you reach your desired destination





Your inner obstacles
are still holding you back.

Think about the challenge you’re faced with right now.

As you know, it prevents you from:

Taking your business, impact and prosperity to your next level

Achieving greater success, satisfaction and fulfilment

Having the happy, harmonious and healthy relationship you long for

Becoming an even better, more balanced and integrated version of yourself

Feeling happy, loved, peaceful, inspired and fulfilled

But you can overcome this challenge.

That’s why you’re reading this now. You’re yearning to find a way to achieve lasting change.

Put aside the methods you’ve already tried and haven’t really worked.

Imagine you and I have worked together, and your inner challenge has been completely removed.

How much better will you feel?

How much more will you be capable of?

How much more will you be able to accomplish?

Above all, how much more of a positive impact will you have on the lives of others?

It’s time to transform your life.


Choose what works best for you and let’s get started!

The transformative, once-off 90-minute Emotional Liberation Session

Traditional therapy has not given you the relief you hoped for. Unresolved emotions like hurt, sadness, grief, anger, or fear stand in your way to true happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment.

Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in emotional healing – the Emotional Liberation session. A unique, one-time 90-minute session designed to quickly and completely free you from your emotional shackles.

This is not a band-aid solution. It’s a chance for deep, lasting healing.

I'm ready

Unveiling the Revolutionary Belief Implosion™ session, the first-ever of its kind.

Deep down you want to be happy, successful, loved and feel good about yourself. Right?

But hardly anyone tells you how you think and feel about yourself influences your success levels, your income, and how fulfilling (or challenging) your romantic, familial, and work relationships will be.

You see, your inner world shapes your outer experiences, whether you like it or not.

This internal space is typically shaped by self-limiting beliefs – and we all have them.

However, when you choose to IMPLODE those self-limiting beliefs …

  • You hit business targets head-on, as your self-value aligns with your aspirations.
  • You’re powered by confidence and courage, not the need to validate yourself.
  • You’re kinder to yourself, comfortable in your own skin, and unapologetically genuine.

Past clients hired therapists and coaches, did daily affirmations, tried visualizations, and used coping mechanisms but experienced little change until they tried the Belief Implosion™ Session. With this, even the pervasive ‘I’m not (confident, successful, good) enough’ beliefs and dozens of other limiting beliefs crumble in 90 minutes – or less!

That’s right. This first-of-its-kind session completely implodes limiting beliefs – quickly and effectively.

Ready to try a NEW effective technique that delivers FAST, PALPABLE results?

I'm ready

Your personalized VIP Days

My VIP Days are your shortcut to self-improvement. They equip you with new abilities, problem-solving tactics, and expertise – all in just a few hours. You’ll not only receive premium quality content and beneficial training, but also receive personalized guidance that moves you closer to your dreams, your ambitions, and your aspirations.

Want to revamp how you communicate? Try the Remove Your Communication Roadblock, Craft Your Message for an Effortless Win-Win VIP Day.

Craving inner peace and sharper focus? Book the Energy, Focus and Calm: Receive Your Custom-Fit Meditation Practice VIP Day.

Ready to see if your partner is the right fit? Try the Uncover Your Compatibility: The 7 Keys to a Thriving Relationship VIP Day.

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Master Your Inner World™:
One-on-One Exclusive Coaching and Counselling Programs

Ready to transform your life? Deep down, you know it all begins with a decision – a choice to embark on a journey of self-transformation. Whether you’re aiming to conquer professional hurdles or overcome personal challenges or inner blocks, I’ve got the perfect online private coaching and counselling program tailored to your unique needs.

I'm ready

Free yourself of inner restrictions and limitations
for good!


Insurance Broker

“Dr. Sonja has the ability to lay out what the core issues are in your life. What exactly is blocking you or holding you back from what you want to have or achieve, and helps you to gently work through any challenges.

My experience was that both her system and her gentle way of walking me through my issues, helped to lift and get rid of them. And once the issue was dealt with, it was gone.

Her system repairs, heals and transforms you from the inside out and equips you with a real ability to move forward and deal with life in a positive way. The changes are real and lasting.

A gift of healing that quite literally saved my life!”

Gale Crawford
IT Solution Architect

Gale Crawford

“If you find yourself trapped in certain self-limiting belief systems, and you’re itching to make some serious improvements in your life, go and work with Dr. Sonja. She can pinpoint the root cause of your burning issues immediately and help you with corrective action.

I could talk to Dr. Sonja about anything without being frowned upon, feeling safe during the sessions because her sessions create an emotional safety net that allows people to feel the good, sad, and bad emotions when needed.

When you work with Dr. Sonja, the journey you’ll embark on is one you will never forget because you’ll change in fundamental ways and the inner work you do brings about a lasting change in your life.”

Dr. Amelia Richards, Ph.D.

“My motivation for seeing Dr. Sonja was to find the confidence to leave my (now) ex-husband. A toxic, co-dependant relationship that I didn’t have the courage and self-respect to leave.

The various tools Dr. Sonja provided helped me gain a much better understanding of myself. My level of self-awareness increased and I became more aware of my thoughts and emotions, actions and behaviour, and how to properly deal with those that do not serve me.

By working through wounds from my past, I healed, learnt and grew, and now live from my soul with compassion and a better understanding of others. I have changed so much that you would not recognize who I was, not so long ago.

Dr. Sonja’s manner is honest and knowledgeable, and she’s able to access your situation from a spiritual, objective, non-judgemental view, which I really appreciate. She provides guidance and true wisdom, and creates a comfortable environment to learn and grow in, and be the best you can be for anything in your life.

With Dr. Sonja’s guidance, I explored what I can improve on within myself to become the best version of myself. And I am now able to respect and accept myself.

She has guided me to wisdom beyond my years, and helped me grow into an independent, strong, loving, forgiving woman that I can only thank her for!

You will cherish meeting her and she will change your life too!
I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with her.”

Julie R.
Insurance Broker