Be Relentlessly Positive

Be relentlessly positive

Just because there are reasons to be discouraged doesn’t mean you must be discouraged. Choose to live with joy, and in your life, you will create plenty of reasons to be joyful.

Whatever your situation may be, you never have to see it as a burden.  Decide to see it as an opportunity for growth, and it will be.

If you live with the assumption that you’re stuck where you are, the experience of your life will indeed prove that assumption correct.  Yet it is an assumption you never have to make.

Expect, without the slightest doubt, to move forward confidently, and you will.  Live with the assumption that there’s a way to get beyond every obstacle, and you will definitely find your way.

The quality of your life depends on how you choose, in each moment, to see and relate to life.  You choose how you will respond. You choose what attitude you will have. You choose how emotionally engaged you will be. Because you know your choices ultimately come from you, not from outside factors, choose wisely.

Be relentlessly positive, and no matter what else happens, you’ll live a joyful, inspired, and accomplished life.

Be relentlessly positive


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