No Matter What

persevere no matter what

As technology and science progress, we discover more and more the inner-relatedness of all things. Just as a spider’s web quivers at the slightest touch anywhere on its delicate threads, our existence too resonates with a myriad of connections daily.

Let’s talk about our emotions for a moment. That gentle surge of happiness, the ripples of anxiety, the storms of anger – all these influence and are influenced by our physiological reactions. Our moods affect our breathing, acting like puppeteers guiding the pace and depth of our inhalations and exhalations. Conversely, our breathing also affects our moods. Ever noticed the tranquillity after a few moments of deep breathing? It’s the body’s silent sonnet of equilibrium.

Moreover, our brain’s biochemistry isn’t just an abstract concept confined to textbooks. The chemicals in our brain and our DNA shape our thoughts. The fascinating world of epigenetics further reveals the two-way street: our thoughts, beliefs, and habits can, in turn, change the very fabric of our brain and even alter our DNA.

Additionally, the mind is also influenced by external factors. From the soulful symphony of music we listen to, to the mesmerizing world of movies we indulge in, to the enthralling novels we lose ourselves in, each influences our thinking and moods. The environment we find solace in, the food that nourishes our body, and most significantly, the people around us – all influence our consciousness.

So, given our mind is so volatile, our will power so fragile, our world so distracting, how can we possibly hope to remain steady on any path or goal?

This is where the magic of perseverance unveils its power. More than just a virtue, it’s the heartbeat of champions, the anthem of those who rise against all odds.

Perseverance is the ‘continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.’

It is an unshakable commitment to a path, a goal, an activity, or an ideal.

It is firm and uncompromising.

As Walter Eliot so aptly encapsulated, “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”

Perseverance doesn’t ask, ‘How are you feeling today?’, or ‘What do you feel like doing now?’

It’s the unwavering voice that drowns out the cacophony of doubts, and proclaims with conviction:

“No matter what, I will endure.”

“No matter what, I can overcome.”

“No matter what, I am persistent.”

But this isn’t mere positive stubbornness. It’s an honouring of your true self and your path, an unwavering alignment with your vision.

What are the really important commitments in your life?

Find your ‘no matter what’ within you.
And bring your unyielding ‘no matter what’ spirit into every endeavour, every dream, every challenge.

You revel and rejoice in the golden glow of your achievements.

persevere no matter what

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