Get It Finished

get it finished

get it finished

When you start something, you are clear about the outcome you want to achieve. You know what needs to get done and you get going.

Unfortunately, it is easy, in today’s fast paced world, to get side tracked and become involved in other more exciting projects. Yet even though your attention is dispersed, take a moment and remember you always finish what you start.

Give what you set out to achieve, the attention, focus and energy it deserves. Pick up the momentum again.

If you have to choose between getting it ‘right’ and getting it finished, get it finished. Even when it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable, get it finished.

Are there other things you’d rather be doing? Then go ahead, finish what you’ve started, and then you can more fully enjoy moving on to those other things.

Don’t waste your time wishing for it to be easier, or resenting that you must get it done. Stop fighting against your own effort, and put all your energy into getting the job finished.

Remember why you decided to invest your time, energy and effort into making this dream a reality or turn this goal into an achievement.

As you remember what is motivating you, give your momentum a positive boost with some effective, productive effort. Focus, follow through on your intentions and commitments, and get it done.

It was important enough for you to start, so go ahead and get it finished. Get it finished, and bring new success, value and joy to your life.

Accomplishment feels so much better than idleness, wishful thinking or shilly-shallying.

Imagine how good you’ll feel when reach the destination you’ve set sail for.
You’re already on course.
Now make the effort, tackle the challenges, get it finished, and enjoy a good, solid, sense of accomplishment as you sail through the finish line.

get it finished


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