Pause – It’s Important

Now that most world-wide lockdowns and restrictions have finally been eased, one would think we would have learnt to pause more. Even make it a daily habit, like brushing our teeth or combing our hair. Yet, from what I’ve seen with many of my private clients, the fast-paced life of constant doing and achieving, and rushing through the day, has returned.

Many have resumed the rat race, at the same insane pace before the world was locked down.

The result of living in this non-stop culture is often much productivity but little living; a lot of doing but not enough being.  And that, of course, brings with it thoughts that run their own race in your mind. A body that feels like a limp dishrag and emotions that zigzag through your body like kids let loose in a candy store.

Constant doing is unhealthy. The stress and strain placed on our brain and body is insane. Of course, we know this, yet many of us still do not make it a daily habit to pause. So here’s a gentle reminder about the power of pausing.

In nature, strong outbursts of energy are balanced with a period of calm.  A storm doesn’t last a week; a child cannot continually cry for ten hours; and we cannot eat without stopping, without eventually killing ourselves.


It is the pause of sleep that allows our mind and body to function healthily.

It is the pauses in music that gives meaning to the notes.

It is the pauses in speech that allow you to deliver a powerful message.

And it is time apart in a relationship that renews your feelings.

Pauses give you perspective.

They allow you to see things with fresh eyes, to remember and remind yourself of what’s truly important, and to appreciate what you have right now – all essential elements for living a fulfilling and inspired life.

Have you recently taken the time to press the pause button in your life, your work, your relationships?

Where in your life could you benefit from a pause right now?

Consider booking some regular time off in your calendar, away from all tasks, conversations and screens.  You will be able to make greater sense of what’s going on within you. Even assess your life, and if necessary pivot in a direction that brings you the peace, success, prosperity or contentment you seek.

Pauses also replenish you.

This time could be a long walk in nature, some uninterrupted reflection time, or taking a 15 minute break in-between tasks.

Just remember, when you pause you want to make sure it’s unplugged, it’s relaxed to help your body and brain rejuvenate.

One of the best ways to experience rejuvenation is to train your body to deeply relax. And breathing more consciously and deeply is essential for renewal.

Here’s an easy and effective rejuvenation exercise:

Inhale to the count of 3, exhale to the count of 6 through the mouth.

Inhale to the count of 4, exhale to the count of 8 through the mouth.

Do five of these sets.

The recovery is in the outbreath.

When you give yourself enough pauses in your life, you learn to manage your energy more efficiently. The result is you get more done, in less time, and at a higher level of engagement.

And, as a hidden bonus, you feel more energetic, balanced and at ease.

Pauses help you connect within.

This could be a daily meditation practice, or just sitting in silence staring into space for a few minutes, disconnecting from the noise of your thoughts and any external stimuli.

When you pause, you become quiet. And you can pay attention to the silence within.  With practice, you eventually tap into the silence easily, and become one with your true self, your soul. Now peace, calm and contentment cascade through you – an inner experience that’s beyond words – and most of us yearn to feel.

Not only will our society continue to chop and change in the years to come, but we will continue to adjust and adapt, for us to advance spiritually.

Learning how to pause, will become an essential daily practice to help replenish our energy, gain perspective on the going’s on within and outside of us, and establish a stronger connection within – so we can evolve more consistently and continue to raise our level of consciousness.

Not just for our own benefit but for those around us and the world at large.



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