Do What Matters Most To You

what matters most

It is good to have plenty of positive possibilities and desirable options, yet they are not enough. For those possibilities to make a tangible difference to your life, you must make use of them.

You cannot just live and prosper on having excellent possibilities. A great life comes from doing what matters most to you with the numerous possibilities you have – at all times.

You cannot just get by on your skills, your knowledge, your connections and your ambition. You must take action and put those things to work in a meaningful way.

Gather and embrace your best possibilities every chance you get. Then take those possibilities, sprinkle your time and effort into them, and watch how they enrich your life and bring you more of what you want, desire and seek.

Instead of sitting endlessly on a beautiful beach, thinking to yourself how inviting the ocean looks, jump in and go for a swim.

There is so much you have going for you. Ponder the possibilities. Open yourself to the opulence of opportunities around you. Select only those that will add joy, vitality, energy, peace and prosperity to your life, and pursue them with vigour.

To know which opportunities will enrich your life, you need to be clear about what fulfils you, what drives you and what matters most to you.

Because, you are not here to live out someone else’s idea of a fulfilling life. (Or even what society prescribes to be a successful and satisfying life.)
You have your own unique perspective on what is important and meaningful to you – pursue that with all your heart.

When you are in alignment with what matters most to you, you live with passion and purpose. Your joy radiates through your eyes. Your enthusiasm is heard. Your vibrant energy is sensed. Your drive draws others to you like is magnet. By being in your company, others can see what is possible for them too.

Even when you’re doing what matters most to you, challenges and obstacles will still come your way. However, you will absolutely have the drive, commitment, and fortitude to successfully work through every difficulty.

Because when something is important to you, you are emotionally invested. You are driven, enthusiastic, and fully committed.
You are intellectually stimulated and willingly engage with any challenges that may come your way.
At all times, you pursue what matters most to you – readily, relentlessly, resolutely.

As human beings we are wired and driven to attain what we seek.
Our acquirements, achievements, accomplishments matter to us because of how good they make us feel.

Undoubtedly you feel happy, successful and satisfied when you have what you need, receive what you want and achieve what you seek. Yet, even though you feel really good, you may not be aware that it is possible for you to feel even better. Yes, indeed! When you are aligned with what matters most to you and do what matters most to you – every day – you feel excited, energetic, even ecstatic.

In this state of alignment, the universe places opportunities and options into your orbit. Once you see them, take hold of them, and run with them, they can lead you to even greater success, increased impact and bring about a substantial improvement in the lives of those you seek to help, support and uplift.
And, you feel a stronger sense of meaning and purpose. You experience heightened states of joy and fulfilment. You feel fully alive.

what matters most

Above all else, as you bring more sunshine into your life, it brightens the lives of others too.

In all you do, do what matters most to you.

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