Live Now

Live Now

Don’t be held back by what has not yet happened or by what is already over.

Live now, with all you have.

There’s no need to wait for everything to be perfect.

Live now in this moment while you have it, before its unique opportunities are gone.

Some things may turn out great, and other things may be disappointing.

Live now, when you can do your best with what you have.

Even when the challenges seem impossibly overwhelming, there is always something you can do to make a positive difference.

 Live now, do it now, and work your way steadily forward.

No action is wasted when it is undertaken with an authentic purpose.

Live now, with meaning, and use this moment to bring new richness into your world.

You are here right now to enjoy, to experience, to create and achieve, to love and to give.

Live now, for now is all you have.


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