Be The Highest and Truest Expression of Yourself

Highest and truest expression of yourself

Doing only what is easy and convenient, comfortable and free of challenge, doesn’t get you very far.  Chasing after something for nothing, ends up getting you nothing of real value nor meaning.

In order to experience true fulfillment and success in any undertaking, you must invest yourself in it.  It is your active participation, your expansive growth and contribution to life that makes it so good to live.

If you continually take the easy way out, avoiding effort, challenge and commitment, you’ll end up being unhappy, unfulfilled and most of all, unsatisfied.

In every moment there are plenty of opportunities to express who you are, and use your natural abilities and skills to create real value and meaning in your life and that of others.  You are here to make a difference, so embrace every opportunity to do so.

You are here to participate, not just to observe.  The true joy you feel will not come from meaningless possessions or empty pleasures, but from creating and experiencing the goodness of life in your own way and expressing your unique true Self, at the same time.

Your deepest desires and your most difficult problems are driving you to make a positive difference.

Do yourself a big favour, accept the challenge, make the effort, and be the highest and truest expression of yourself.

Express and share the expansive joy, peace and love within you.

That is your destiny.


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